Apps & Products

Measurement processes are always designed to follow specific measurement tasks. The better all measurement devices are integrated and connected to your company infrastructure, the more efficient the processes are. We designed the Lufft I-BOX to meet different integration requirements and to facilitate your measurement tasks.

The Lufft I-BOX is built out of

  • Hardware: The Lufft I-BOX comes in a small box ready to be deployed in industry processes. Find out all about Lufft I-BOX Hardware now.
  • Apps and Lufft I-BOX App-Store Ecosystem: We designed Apps to run on the Lufft I-BOX. Apps deliver required functions for specific measurement tasks.  Apps can be combined for complex tasks. There are already some Apps on board when the Lufft I-BOX is shipped, but there are lots of Apps available at the Lufft I-BOX App Store.

Does the Lufft I-BOX fit your requirements? Find out right now in our support forum.

Please note, that the Lufft I-BOX Apps are not related to Smartphone or Tablet apps.
Lufft I-BOX Apps run only on Lufft I-BOX hardware.