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The datalogger app records measurement data periodically using a ringbuffer. Using the demo version up to 100 measurement values can be recorded. The full version of the datalogger provides storage for 1,000,000 measurement values.
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App Details
Max. devices:2
Developer:Ondics GmbH, Germany
Licence:Ondics „Lufft I-BOX App“ EULA
App Notes
The datalogger app records measurement data periodically with an adjustable interval. Every value measured by IN-Apps can be stored in the datalogger. For example, in a mixed environment with different sensors (e.g. a WS, a VS20, or an IRS31) channels of any sensor can be stored in the datalogger. The datalogger simply doesn't care where the data comes from and provides this data to all OUT-Apps in the same way.

Once the datalogger is full, the datalogging switches to "ring buffer" mode where latest values overwrite oldest values. Thus, in "ring buffer" mode, the latest 100.000 values are accessible. The ring buffer optimizes storage space utilization.

The datalogger app supports up to 2 independent datalogger with 1,000,000 data values each. When recording 10 channels every 10 minutes the measurment period extends to more than two months.

The datalogger data can be accessed using apps that are optimized for the datalogger, e.g. the LogJSON app
V 1.0.2: (Jul 2017)
The maximum of values was changed to 1,000,000 values

V 1.0.1: (Jul 2015)
The maximum of values was increased to 100,000 values