New app: datalogger

The long awaited new app is out. Today we released the new datalogger app. The datalogger app enables to record measurement data and make it accessible later. Each channel can be selected for recording. There is a huge storage space availabe inside the Lufft I-BOX for the datalogger: 1 million masurement values can be stored. Since data storage is organized in a ringbuffer, the latest data will kept even if the buffer runs full.

icon-datalogger The datalogger is tagged with a price of 299 EUR.

The datalogger app comes with a demo version. This version is limitied to a capacity of 100 values. When recording 10 channels, 10 intervals are store, in case of one channel, 100 intervals are stored. In any case: Try before you buy!

Make a full featured datalogger out of your Lufft I-BOX and get your datalogger demo now!