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New App: VS20 Visibility Sensor

The Lufft I-BOX supports the visivility sensor VS20. Just install in the new App VS20 and start measuring.

The new App was released a long time ago for selected customers. Due to demand of customers we released the app to the App-Store. The App is available in Version 1.0.1.

The App supports UMB class 3 protocol. Since the VS20 sucessor VS20k also supports this protocol the App supports also VS20k.

The App is available for free.

Winter is here – the winter sensor, too!

When snow is falling we know winter is here. But lots of applications need precisely know how much winter is here. The Lufft snow sensor SHM30 has got its app just right in time before the snow comes.

The SHM30 snow height sensor can be connected to the Lufft I-BOX using the Anacon analog/digital converter.  For configuration the linearization parameters (snow height on 4 and 20 mA)  have to be entered and the Anacon port. That’s is.

More Information in the App-Store:

Two Apps for the Lufft WS sensor family

Today we have released a to new Apps for Lufft WS sensor family. The compact weather stations are fully supported with internal and external channels.:

  • WS200-UMB
  • WS30x-UMB: WS300-UMB, WS301-UMB, WS302-UMB, WS303-UMB, WS304-UMB
  • WS40x-UMB: WS400-UMB, WS401-UMB
  • WS50x-UMB: WS500-UMB, WS510-UMB
  • WS60x-UMB: WS600-UMB, WS601-UMB
  • WS700-UMB

These sensors can bei connected either by a serial link (RS-485) or an Ethernet link. To etablish an Ethernet connection to the WS sensors, an Ethernet/RS-485-converter is required. This setup is recommended if the distance from the sensor to the Lufft I-BOX doesn’t allow to use serial cables. The App WS-serial required the hardware Lufft I-BOX serial.

We’re back – after the attack!

End of last Week we had a severe attack to this website. Thanks to our monitoring systems the attack was detected befor maluse could start. There was a backdoor in the newsletter module. We had to turn off the newsletter module and cannot provide any newsletter right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.


New app: LoggerJSON

loggerjsonThe new app LoggerJSON complements the datalogger app and provides access to measured data inside the datalogger. the app LoggerJSON offers a REST interface to access:

  • measured data (using timestamps and time spans)
  • logged channels
  • configuration data about the datalogger

Don’t wait and install the LoggerJSON app on your Lufft I-BOX.


New app: datalogger

The long awaited new app is out. Today we released the new datalogger app. The datalogger app enables to record measurement data and make it accessible later. Each channel can be selected for recording. There is a huge storage space availabe inside the Lufft I-BOX for the datalogger: 1 million masurement values can be stored. Since data storage is organized in a ringbuffer, the latest data will kept even if the buffer runs full.

icon-datalogger The datalogger is tagged with a price of 299 EUR.

The datalogger app comes with a demo version. This version is limitied to a capacity of 100 values. When recording 10 channels, 10 intervals are store, in case of one channel, 100 intervals are stored. In any case: Try before you buy!

Make a full featured datalogger out of your Lufft I-BOX and get your datalogger demo now!