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We’re back – after the attack!

End of last Week we had a severe attack to this website. Thanks to our monitoring systems the attack was detected befor maluse could start. There was a backdoor in the newsletter module. We had to turn off the newsletter module and cannot provide any newsletter right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.


How much is integration?

Sensors translate environmental values into data. The result is called measurement value. But measurement value have to fulfil certain purposes an thus undergo a complex transformation process: scaling, checking, comparing, transforming, storing, reporting,…

We compare 3 methods how this transformation processcan be organized. As an example we take the temperature documentation of a climate chamber in a database.

Method 1: USB data logger with pc software

Method 2: individual application written for database integration

Method 3: Integration using the Lufft I-BOX

Methode 1:
USB data logger
with pc software
Methode 2:
Methode 3:
using Lufft I-BOX
data logger
pc software application
data logger
database server
software application
(e.g. script) an a
Sensor (with Ethernet)
Lufft I-BOX
database server
Configuration refer to data logger
and aoftware manual
App configuration
Pros convenient method highly
Cost effective.
Cons PC is not made for
server applications
(restart, failover, etc.).
Capabilities are lmitied,
see data logger and
software manual.
Software development
and maintenance is
depending on the
availability of the
The solution is hard
to reuse.


The Lufft I-BOX delvers a new way to integration sensors in processes. The best method for an integration scenario depends on the given technical and business requirements.

Checkout the Lufft I-BOX and the Apps on how to build your integration scenario.


Lufft I-BOX App-Store opens today

The Lufft I-BOX App-Store is now open. In the Lufft I-BOX App-Store you can find apps to enhance the new Lufft I-BOX measuring gateway on demand. There are free and paid apps available in different categories. Today we start with a small set of apps. New apps will be released in the next weeks.

The Lufft I-BOX App-Store will help the Lufft I-BOX to grow in new application scenarios and to make measuring tasks a lot more easy. Using apps, the integration of measuring devices will no longer be a software development job but gets a simple one-klick task.

G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH and Ondics GmbH are operating the Lufft I-BOX App-Store as a joint venture. The payment management is delivered by Ondics GmbH. The payment methods supported are Paypal, Credit Cards and the german Lastschrift.

You can find the Lufft I-BOX App-Store at


Lufft I-BOX now available!

Today, we are happy to announce the general availability of the Lufft I-BOX. We truly feel that this solution marks a turning point in the measurement sector, but instead of listening to us talk about, you can now go see for yourself how this product can help you. The Lufft I-BOX comes with three parts:

  • The little Lufft I-BOX Hardware for industrial measurement purposes
  • The Lufft I-BOX App-Store for adapting the system to exactly your requirements
  • A support website and a forum for sharing solutions and to find help for your application scenario

The Lufft I-BOX can be ordered from Lufft, please see