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Two Apps for the Lufft WS sensor family

Today we have released a to new Apps for Lufft WS sensor family. The compact weather stations are fully supported with internal and external channels.:

  • WS200-UMB
  • WS30x-UMB: WS300-UMB, WS301-UMB, WS302-UMB, WS303-UMB, WS304-UMB
  • WS40x-UMB: WS400-UMB, WS401-UMB
  • WS50x-UMB: WS500-UMB, WS510-UMB
  • WS60x-UMB: WS600-UMB, WS601-UMB
  • WS700-UMB

These sensors can bei connected either by a serial link (RS-485) or an Ethernet link. To etablish an Ethernet connection to the WS sensors, an Ethernet/RS-485-converter is required. This setup is recommended if the distance from the sensor to the Lufft I-BOX doesn’t allow to use serial cables. The App WS-serial required the hardware Lufft I-BOX serial.