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from Ondics GmbH


This app generates time data channels (e.g. seconds, minutes).
How to get this App:
1) download
2) generate Activation Key
3) install on your Lufft I-BOX
App-Key: 6DTBBciJXCAcbcrGDrg1rnbvEUpnZD3XqcJbw4mJ5KI=
App Details
Max. devices:1
Developer:Ondics GmbH, Germany
Licence:Ondics „Lufft I-BOX App“ EULA
App Notes
This App generates time dependent channel values: second, minute, hour, day, month, year, day of year, weekday and number of week in year. Additionally there are the american time format and swatch time available. As time test data, unix-time (seconds since 1970, 1st of January) and the last four digits from the unix-time are provided.

Using this app can be efficient for refertial purposes or to generate test data in order to test postprocessing of measured data.

This app is a software product and can be installed on a single Lufft I-BOX. This app has to be activated befor installation with the AppKey and the serial number of the Lufft I-BOX.
V 1.0.0: (Jan 2015)
initial version