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from Ondics GmbH


This app display a channel value on a seven digit display in a Webbrowser.
App Details
Max. devices:1
Developer:Ondics GmbH, Germany
Licence:Ondics „Lufft I-BOX App“ EULA
App Notes
The app shows the last measured value of a channel in a web browser with the outline of a seven digit display mounted on a acrylic glass plate. The display is refreshed every 5 seconds.

The values in the seven digit display are rounded. Additionally the exact value can be displayed as well as the time of measurement and the measuring device.

The App was was tested with the browsers Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9 and higher.

This app is a software product and can be installed on a single Lufft I-BOX. This app has to be activated befor installation with the AppKey and the serial number of the Lufft I-BOX.
V 1.0.0: (Jan 2015)
initial version