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Alarm Events

from Ondics GmbH

Alarm Events

This app generates events in case of alarm conditions (lower limit, upper limit, hysteresis) and errors during measurement
How to get this App:
1) download
2) generate Activation Key
3) install on your Lufft I-BOX
App-Key: 0V1D2zDC4+Bw6yVNkWie51UtwTYwlcD87uQv6eESQ20=
App Details
Max. devices:16
Developer:Ondics GmbH, Germany
Licence:Ondics „Lufft I-BOX App“ EULA
App Notes
This app generates events in case of alarm conditions or errors during measurement. Such alarm conditions occur when underrunning a lower limit or overrunning an upper limit. Additionally events are generated on measurement errors. After an alarm or error has finished, a finishing event is generated. The builtin hysteresis function can be configured to avoid alarm fluttering.
This app requires the app AppEvents to be installed first.
V 1.2.1: (Sep 2021)
now compatible with firmware 1.07
improvements at intervall settings

V 1.2.0: (Jan 2016)
correction of value at event
improvements at help text

V 1.1.0: (Sep 2015)
New: Errors during measuring generate new error events

V 1.0.0: (Apr 2015)
initial version